2017 in Haiku: Interstellar Bears – dreamily fall from great heights – in Wunderkammers

2017: Let’s Celebrate Summer with our 2nd Birthday!

First of all – we’d love for you to celebrate with us at the Outlier Cartel 2nd Birthday bash. Here’s what you need to know:WhereThe Lobby, 12 Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD
When: Saturday 9th of December at 12:00 pm

We’ve made a variety of beers released in kegs, cans and bottles this year. Some of these were small and polarising one-offs like the dry-hopped imperial Apfelwein we presented for this years’ Fresh Hop event, a few others were large enough batches to get distributed throughout NZ. It may seem light by Outlier Standards, however we took a different approach this year. Instead of cranking out new releases, we took our time to build relationships in the New Zealand Craft Beer community and around the world – which included Defiant Brewing in the USA and Adobe Software. The collaborations helped push our creative limits:

Interstellar Blush – Our Collaboration with Hallertau

Gypsy Rose – Our Collaboration with the Pink Boots Society
Kekulé’s Dream – Our Collaboration with Adobe Software
New Zengland IPA – Our Collaboration with Defiant
Enchanterelle – Our mushroom red scotch ale with Tahsis FarmOur own creations this year have been exciting too:

Wunderkammer – It’s really a gruit, read more here!
From Such Great Heights – cheeky Canteloupean Beer!
Poke the Bear – A marshmellowy summery delight!

So whats new for 2018…

Well, Come and talk to us to find out or get in touch clicking here!