Apricity or “A Mid Winter Christmas Tale’

For us at the Outlier Cartel winter has always been in connection with Christmas and freezing our arses off. We learn to embrace the cold and *love* that time of the year… Nah, actually we just love the good things that come with it: Glühwein, Christkindlmarkt, school free days and those biscuits typical of that time of the year: Spekulatius.

Mark called me one day and said we should make a beer with that flavor, and bring it out in winter evoking all those flavors we learned to love from when we were kids. Packing it into a Doppelbock seemed like the right thing to do, at 8% ABV making it a righteous soul cleanser just like the monks intended.  We paired this beer with the speculoos spices and one of the most beautiful words in english I’ve come across: Apricity. The warmth of the winter sun. We got in touch with Sam for this again, and she came up with this here:


We Love This!

We’ll make this a bottle only release, making sure that our friends all over New Zealand get a taste of what winter represents to us. Keep an ear to the ground for a release date. Think about all those other fun things the winter brings and enjoy the winter!