Cellaring Notes for Beer

cellaring beer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Below is an email I got from Carlos – its too good for it to remain there! I’ve made a few modifications here an there, but for the most part the original message is there! Improving a beer with time requires certain conditions. Everything from the recipe of the beer, the ingredients used, the […]

Science shows that sessionable inebriation leads to creative thinking

Quickly, what do each of these 3 words have in common? butter, dragon, paper – ? melon, logged, proof -? cart, barrow, chair -? While you probably figured it was fly (butterfly, dragonfly, flypaper), water (watermelon, waterlogged, waterproof) and wheel (cartwheel, wheelbarrow, wheelchair), your ever so-slightly imbibed self probably answered correctly and quicker than your […]

Meet Suraggā! (and a correction for our GABS entry description)

suragga Outlier Cartel

We like to officially welcome our latest creation, Suragga! Suragga is an imperial tropical milk stout – think of it as winter beer who likes to holiday in tropics when its cold out. Its made with generous amounts of coconuts and copious heaps of mint to give it’s unique flavour profile. Unfortunately – if you […]

Drink Less, Enjoy Life More – Everywhere but New Zealand.

Global trends show that alcohol consumption is declining. The youth of Britain, Australia, Iceland are drinking less, and even the stalwart drinking Russians are laying off the tipple. New Zealand is bucking this trend, both the younger demographic and older demographic are prone to hazardous drinking. Why is the global trend declining yet New Zealand falling […]

Stories behind the sips

Let’s face it, the best ideas had are usually in the shower or after a sip. Unfortunately, showers aren’t terrible portable – and people aren’t always comfortable sharing ideas in the shower. That’s why beer is hands down the best idea generator! When we first started planning what Outlier Cartel would be, we went down to our favourite […]

Your beer is bad and you should feel bad – dealing with unsavoury reviews

If you are an indy brewer, then you know how much sway that Untappd reviews have. It’s a superb way of getting feedback, especially if you do non-traditional, obscure or experimental brews. Though not everyone may not like your product, but it is a good way to gauge your product’s quality. However, sometimes people are […]

Big Beer and the illusion of choice

What’s so bad about big breweries? Do they not offer consumers a wide range of products, from premium brews to cheapswill? On paper, the consumer wins. So are complaints by independent brewers just much ado about nothing? After all, if the beer tastes good, why should the consumer care at all? Independent Brewers associations across […]