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NZ Brewers Gild Bronze
NZ Brewers Gild Bronze
NZ Brewers Guild Bronze

Hey Outliers, here are some exciting updates that are in store for our fans in the coming months!

1. Outlier will be releasing not 1, not 2, but 3 summer new summer beers during the next few months. Some will be very small batches, others will be on a larger scale.

2. See the world with Rosé coloured glasses: Bust out your jandals and head to the beach with our new Rosé wine – to be announced soon.

3. The so called ‘experts’ said we shouldn’t do cider – after all how could anyone with over 10 years experience in the wine industry know anything about cider? We said f*#K that sh*T! We will have a wicked new cider coming out for those don’t like the sugary options currently available on the market.

4. New artwork – we teamed up with some great local artists as well as some international artists to launch our new products in style! Stay tuned!

In case you haven’t been around there have been a series of updates to our websites as well:

Finally some pics of the humans behind Outlier, these were taken at the NZ Brewer’s Guild awards:

nz brewers guild awards
Showing off the medal!
Stoked - Alejandra Silva, Carlos Outlier and Stephen Craft.
Really Stoked! Alejandra Silva, Carlos and Stephen Craft.
nz brewers guild awards
Matt Kelly, Carlos, Albrect von Wallmoden & John Harrington