NZ Beer Barons desperate for cash – turn beer into fuel

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shirt from ebay

The Beer Industrial Complex of New Zealand has been losing a lot of money in recent years, they may have found the perfect solution for their ailing (pun sorta intended) profits: turn beer into bio fuel! While most in the independent brewers do not have many kind words about the two largest companies which hold 90% of volume in New Zealand (Lion Nathan and DB), we for one applaud them for turning their [insert your favourite adjective here] swill into something useful and good for the environment for a change! This venture has been started by DB Breweries.

Here’s a quote from Vice:

Here’s how the process works. When brewing beer, there’s always a bit of sediment left once the drink has fermented. It’s mainly made up of inactive yeast, and people in the brewing business call it slurry. Usually, as Simon explains, “The yeast slurry is passed on to farmers for stock feed, but sometimes it can go to waste.”

What a great country we live in: we can now drink great beer from numerous craft brewers, and the other stuff we can use to fuel our vehicles!