krampus that stole apricity

Sorry, but we may have ruined Christmas (we are out of Apricity!)

krampus that stole apricity

The Krampus who stole Apricity

Yesterday we are in Hamilton for the Beer and Wine showcase and last of our Apricity went flying out the door! Before the event closed our last bottles were gone! We think that Krampus, the infamous doppelgänger of Saint Nick, made and early appearance and made off with our remaining bottles!

In reality – we did not expect the beer to be so popular for several reasons: Its a weizen doppelbock (not well known style in NZ), its 8% ABV (that can intimidate people before even trying it) and finally its made with spices – which may sound too wierd for the casual drinker. However, we were told by our vendors that people initially bought one bottle, then came back to clear the shelf next day. We had expected our supply to last until January!

We are still a young brewery – we are still making adjustments for supply and demand.  For this we are truly sorry about. This is a seasonal brew so to hold on to our sustainable ethos by only brewing when the ingredients are in season – so we will not brew this until next winter, but we promise, we’ll brew a bigger batch. In addition, because we are a contract brewers (as well as gypsy brewers) we simply couldn’t find time within the next few months to schedule another Apricity – all the slots have been taken as brewers prepare for their summer line ups.

We are truly humbled that our fans loved this beer as much as we did.  Please bear with us – we are not Lion or DB, so we can’t crank out megalitres of this stuff (neither would we want to as that would affect the quality!) But we promise to do our best with our supply in the future!


header photo by DOMINIC EBENBICHLER / Reuters



is this thing on?

Our Podcast is now live @ the Bitter End

We recently had a great chat with guys at the Bitter End! We covered all sort of topics like how Outlier Cartel began, why its awesome to be in New Zealand, new drinkies on the works, our creative process, working with artists and much more. All while imbibing our truth serum!

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The Podcast is below:


is this thing on?

is this thing on?

original apricity sketch

original apricity sketch with final product

Online Republic Lounge

Online Republic Lounge

Mark and Carlos hangin in the Lounge

Mark and Carlos hangin in the Lounge

Boyd's Bees!

Robert Boyd’s Famous Bee Beard Portrait

are we there yeti?

are we there yeti?

NZ Brewers Gild Bronze

Beer, Wine & Cider – be an ‘insider’!

NZ Brewers Gild Bronze

NZ Brewers Guild Bronze

Hey Outliers, here are some exciting updates that are in store for our fans in the coming months!

1. Outlier will be releasing not 1, not 2, but 3 summer new summer beers during the next few months. Some will be very small batches, others will be on a larger scale.

2. See the world with Rosé coloured glasses: Bust out your jandals and head to the beach with our new Rosé wine – to be announced soon.

3. The so called ‘experts’ said we shouldn’t do cider – after all how could anyone with over 10 years experience in the wine industry know anything about cider? We said f*#K that sh*T! We will have a wicked new cider coming out for those don’t like the sugary options currently available on the market.

4. New artwork – we teamed up with some great local artists as well as some international artists to launch our new products in style! Stay tuned!

In case you haven’t been around there have been a series of updates to our websites as well:

Finally some pics of the humans behind Outlier, these were taken at the NZ Brewer’s Guild awards:

nz brewers guild awards

Showing off the medal!

Stoked - Alejandra Silva, Carlos Outlier and Stephen Craft.

Really Stoked! Alejandra Silva, Carlos and Stephen Craft.

nz brewers guild awards

Matt Kelly, Carlos, Albrect von Wallmoden & John Harrington

Apricity or “A Mid Winter Christmas Tale’

For us at the Outlier Cartel winter has always been in connection with Christmas and freezing our arses off. We learn to embrace the cold and *love* that time of the year… Nah, actually we just love the good things that come with it: Glühwein, Christkindlmarkt, school free days and those biscuits typical of that time of the year: Spekulatius.

Mark called me one day and said we should make a beer with that flavor, and bring it out in winter evoking all those flavors we learned to love from when we were kids. Packing it into a Doppelbock seemed like the right thing to do, at 8% ABV making it a righteous soul cleanser just like the monks intended.  We paired this beer with the speculoos spices and one of the most beautiful words in english I’ve come across: Apricity. The warmth of the winter sun. We got in touch with Sam for this again, and she came up with this here:


We Love This!

We’ll make this a bottle only release, making sure that our friends all over New Zealand get a taste of what winter represents to us. Keep an ear to the ground for a release date. Think about all those other fun things the winter brings and enjoy the winter!