Kekulé’s Daydream

kekule's daydream

It’s our hazy shade of pale ale, filled with juicy fruit cloaked behind a veil of oats, wheat and barley. Whilst the IBU’s and NTU’s are still under investigation, the lab results have returned one absolute conclusion: it’s tasty. 100% German hops combo: Ariana, Huell melon, Mandarina Bavaria. As easy as it gets!

The new Kekulé’s Daydream (rather than ‘Dream‘), is the 2nd part of a trilogy around the same hoppy + oat based theme. This one’s a dialled down version of the original oat IPA with 5.4% ABV; closer to a pale ale – which is a first for us. We think its a worthy successor to our original dream. Stay tuned for the final part of our Kekulé’s trilogy…

Once again, big thanks to Sam Bunny for our design – to find out where its at, visit our stockists page!