suragga Outlier Cartel
suragga Outlier Cartel
Suraggā by Outlier Cartel

Whoops, we got our GABS2019 description wrong – please read this if you are coming from the Great Australasian Beer Spectacular!

A big tropical imperial stout, with enough residual sweetness to warrant a trip to the dentist. The dark, heavy base presents roasted malts, hints of smokiness, toasted coconut and a garnish of fresh mint. This beer is perfect for sharing all life’s victories whether big or small.

At 11% ABV Suraggā is Outlier Cartel’s biggest release to date. Its unique style can be described as the offspring of a staunch imperial stout and sultry tropical stout. To add to this, this beer was not traditionally dry hopped, we replaced the hops with the freshest mint and coconut we could get our mitts on! We are very excited about this release, and know you will love it too!

The inspiration from the design came from the Monty Python Fish Sketch. We decided to up the ante and use a whale and throw Japanese Baseball into the mix! Let us know what you think about our latest creation and check out all the places you find Suraggā close to your home field!