Our Artists

Outlier Cartel loves to collaborate with Artists for our labels and packaging. The process of finding the artists is quite organic, sometimes is word-of-mouth, others its an exhibition, and sometimes we even use this thing called Google to discover them. We get quite a few rejections as well – eg beer labels are too small a project, artist is too busy or we simply can not pay them enough to be interested. However we connect to the right the artist – magic happens! Here are some of the wonderful artists we have worked with and a couple who are working on ‘top secret’ cartel projects at the moment!

Carita Najewitz – Vienna, Austria. Carita was the genius behind our logo, and a friend of Carlos.  Our brief was to create a logo that had to be striking yet subdued so the artwork.

Sam Haehae – Auckland, New Zealand. Sam Haehae came to us by word of mouth. She did our awarding winning ‘Honey Chestnut‘ and Apricity designs.

Geordan Moore – Halifax, Canada. What can we say, working with Geordan has been awesome! Mark found Geordan’s work at the Halifax Market in Nova Scotia. Geordan did our Cargo Cult and Sophisticated Yeti designs, which have been some of our most talked about designs.

Octavi Navarro – Barcelona, Spain. Octavi is a very well known pixel artist whose work can be found on Pixelhuh.com. Octavi did fresh,  new design for a crazy new Outlier project that will be revealed sometime soon. It is only unlike anything else we’ve seen!

Sheyda Abvadi – Kansas City, United States.  We really struggled finding someone that got our concept. All three of us were impressed by Sheyda’s artwork, and we were even more delighted when she accepted our challenge for this ‘project’.  Sheyda did our ‘From Such Great Heights‘ and ‘Wunderkammer‘ designs. Read more about Sheyda in our 12 question interview.

LuithienS – is an artist from Bosnia & Herzegovina, she collaborated with us for our ‘Poke the Bear’ design.  She captured the fun spirit of this beer with her low poly artwork.

Sam Bunny – was the artist who won the Adobe Creative Jam Challenge for our Kekulé’s Dream! He also did the design for Kekulé’s Daydream

We are always looking for new talent! Here’s how we work with our artists.

  • We usually provide a rough sketch that provides the framework for the
  • All designs are provide with production and tasting notes.
  • Each beverage has a story behind the concept. In some cases we have actually altered the story because the artist inspired us to do so!
  • We generally need a final design in PSD or AI format so we can slap on bottle, can, keg etc.

If you are an artist interested in working with us, let us know by contacting us with a portfolio of your work.