Wunderkammer Beer

[vc_row][vc_column][rev_slider_vc alias=”wunderkammer”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A Wunderkammer is a special cabinet that holds your most treasured belongings. The belongings usually have nothing to do with gold, silver or jewelry.  Rather, its filled with things that are even more precious – objects that remind us of how valuable our time on earth is. And to us at Outlier Cartel, there is nothing more than we cherish more than friends and family.

So what exactly goes in a Wunderkammer? It could be that picture of you and your brother at your first football match, the keys to the first rattlebox you ever drove, the ticket from the flight where you first left your home country to explore new worlds, or that coin you found on the sidewalk to cap off a perfect day…

On the 25th of March we sent out an invitation to our best friends, family and biggest fans to help create a drink that would be worthy of being called a ‘Wunderkammer’. We brought a wunderkammer that was custom made by Josh Gordon, and all invitees filled it with relics and objects that were important to us. In the interim we mixed spices into a base beer and tried to come up with the flavour that best represented ‘Wunderkammer’.

The original idea for the label take was to a photo of the Wunderkammer. Unfortunately, the photographs just didn’t turn out right. Not to worry! We reached out to our extended Outlier Family, Sheyda Abvabi, who was responsible for the design of  “From Such Great Heights“. She did a stunning job of interpreting our poorly shot photograph with her own stunning flair!

So what does it taste like? Wunderkammer pours amber with golden highlights, the head is thin leaving a dense lacing on the glass. It features a thick and creamy mouthfeel  with hints of toasted almonds, vanilla, biscuity caramel, and an almost croissant-like base from the malts used. This is a ‘master of disguise’, and is more akin to an English barleywine clocking in at 9% ABV. Drink now or cellar for a decade, this will improve for years to come.

Below is the chart and item description of all the objects found in the Wunderkammer!

Wunderkammer - read about all the objects in our Wunderkammer
Wunderkammer – read about all the objects in our Wunderkammer
  1. A Chinese festival dragon – From Rani
  2. 1970’s license plate from Toccoa – City of Opportunity – From Mark
  3. Rose from Alvin & Sam’s wedding
  4. Sprig from an art project [to be identfied]
  5. Droopy necked giraffe toy from Bella (care of Gustavo and Nanda)
  6. Brazilian puzzle cube from Gustavo
  7.  Pin from the French Laundry Restaurant in NYC from Alvin & Sam
  8. Maple leaf “welcome to Canada gift” given to Mark
  9. Foul Ball caught during a mad scrum during the 7th Inning of an Atlanta Braves game – Mark
  10. Wooden frog sound emulator – Gustavo
  11. Unknown gem [to be identified]
  12. Bottle opener that has opened culturally significant beers – Ryan
  13. Tahitian Tiki – Rani
  14. Catch-a-ball toy – Gustavo
  15. Statue of Liberty souvenir – Sam
  16.  Mummee bracelet – Tara
  17. Classy pink heart ring from Isla
  18. Wooden Macaw from Gustavo
  19. Paper origami star from Bailey
  20. Waving Asian Cat from Rani
  21. Silver chef’s tasting spoon – Sam
  22. Contraband throwing star from Japan – Bailey
  23. Mark’s first Halloween Polaroid circa 1981
  24. A sample of El Dorado Hops found in Kekule’s Dream
  25. Whisk charm from Sam
  26. Sam’s father’s Detective badge
  27. Pine cone from the beautiful isle of Tahiti – Rani
  28. Zeke’s faux medical emergency pill canister
  29. Keys to a defunct Ford Falcon abandoned in the Aussie outback – Mark
  30.  Rodrigo’s grandfather’s knife
  31. Cork from expensive champagne sipped by Alvin and Sam
  32. Purple bubble-blowing dinosaur found at Te Papa Museum – Barbara
  33. Medal of Extreme Valour Desert Rangers medallion – Matt
  34. Desert Rangers patch – Matt
  35. Chilean Llama trinket – Pilar
  36. Dreamcatcher – Pilar
  37. Dapper action hero figurine – Mark
  38. Japanese coin – Matt
  39. 7 year cicada – Mark & Barbara
  40. Tiger badge [to be identified]
  41. Carlos’s super awesome beer pictometronator
  42. Dubiously obtained Austria registration plate – Barbara
  43. Delinquent photo of a young Matt stealing his neighbours motorbike.
  44. Friendship Bracelet from Pilar
  45. Matt’s last silver dollar
  46. Rose from Matt & Tara’s wedding
  47. Happy & rotund waving Japanese cat – Matt
  48. Unterstanding der Wienerisch dialekt  – Mark
  49. American Airlines flight wings – Isla
  50. Meteorite necklace from outerspace – Barbara
  51. Alvin and Sam’s wedding in Central Park NYC
  52. Bella’s shoe (care of Gustavo & Nanda)
  53. Breast milk ring – Sam
  54. Buffalo nickel momento – Mark