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cape breton

Honey Chestnut                                     6.5% ABV        55 IBU      It’s on the label

honey chestnut beerUrban Auckland honey from promiscuous origins and chestnuts from the Waikato were used to make this seasonal release. We decided to pack this into a beautifully nutty amber IPA to make your trip to the watering hole worth your while.


Beersmith recipe: Honey Chestnut

Kerikeri ’round the corner.             7.1% ABV        41 IBU       loads of zest

In the nose you get grapefruit, limoncello and tangelo notes, with a layered hops spectrum underneath. Carried by a mellow malt base, this is a zesty and refreshing Tamaki Makaurau ale reminiscent of what early summer can taste like. Days of sun to come.

Beersmith recipe: Kerikeri ’round the corner

Erebus’ Warden.                                    9% ABV        85 IBU       coffee and cocoa nibs

Coffee and cocoa aromas cloaked behind a bright amber veil. Full bodied and reminiscent of a stout, challenging the brain’s subconscious ability to draw conclusions between sight and taste… Correlation does not imply causation.

The Brettsons.                                      4.3% ABV      20 IBU        brettanomyces

A slightly soured farmhouse ale with Vienna malt, co-fermented with Brettanomyces bruxellensis trois vrai. Intense lime and dill from the Sorachi Ace dry hopping, that complements the pineapple and subtle spice from the ‘Brettsons’ living in this beer. As fresh as it can get.

Beersmith recipe: The Brettsons