This is a very short post – but an important part of our beer making – don’t cut corners and be happy! These tiny signs are posted at our partner brewery in Tahsis, BC!

Wunderkammer Beer

What’s in your Wunderkammer?

This is a short post to thank all our fans in Australia and New Zealand for supporting  our latest release, Wunderkammer, for GABS! We came runner up alongside some of NZ’s best breweries (and big congrats to Behemoth for coming #1).

GABS runner up

This was a beer that ‘took a village’ to create; we invited our biggest fans and closet family to come together and help create our beer. For inspiration we provided a curio cabinet (or wunderkammer) to hold their treasured objects  and a big box of almond croissants to prepare the palates for our communal beer recipe!

We invite you to try our delicious winter warming spiced beer – and hopefully you’ll keep Outlier Cartel in your own Wunderkammer!


Tahsis Farm

11,240 kilometres away, we are connecting with kindred spirits.

When I arrived in New Zealand 15 years ago, I hit the road to Milford Sound, one of the must-see wilderness areas of New Zealand. I was amazed by the frozen waterfalls, the rugged wilderness, and the truly epic panoramas. I didn’t mind that I was freezing in my little Corolla, behind 100’s of other vehicles, including a massive row of tour buses. It was so worth it and will be forever etched in my mind!

Last Thursday, I had a similar experience. I drove down an unsealed road and saw some of the most breathtaking scenery I had ever witnessed. Waterfalls were bursting down rock faces, leaving misty white streaks along the mountainside. Water seemed to poor out of every crevice, while jagged mountain peaks still held fast to last winter’s snow. Ancient trees stood their ground, wrapped in thick shrouds of lichen.

Unlike Milford Sound, I only encountered 1 vehicle (a logging truck) on the undulating, 64 kilometre road dubbed the ‘Tree to Sea Highway’. And unlike Milford, most locals don’t even know about Tahsis, let alone throngs of tourists with smartphones or backpackers with their noses permanently embedded in their copy of the Lonely Planet.

This is a place for dreamers.

How did I arrive here? Last year I connected with an old mate of mine, Troy, from Vancouver Island. He was interested in our beer projects and told me about this incredible place on the west coast. We drove out last year and I was enraptured. A new project, the Tahsis Farm Project, kicked off last October with the purchase of a seaside wilderness property.

Since then, Outlier Cartel has been working with Tahsis Farm to set up a destination brewery on this remote outpost on the Canadian Pacific coast. There’s a lot of work to be done. As I write, my entire body is aching from swinging a 12 pound sledgehammer, the most manual work I can remember doing since I was a teenager. However, I look at my thorn-pierced and blistered hands with pride, knowing we are building something special here.

Outlier Cartel and The Tahsis Farm complement each other fully: Outlier is a gypsy brewery that can move its skills anywhere around the world, Tahsis Farm is locally grounded organisation that plans to be a self sustaining community – welcoming skilled people of any nation, gender or creed to take part of their project.

If you want know about this project – tune in to (this website is a work in progress) . If you want to more or would like to contribute, contact us.

Keep living your dreams, we are doing the best to live ours! – The Outlier Cartel Team.

Road going to Tahsis Farm

Road going to Tahsis


Sign at gates of Tahsis Farm

Sign at gates of Tahsis Farm


View of Tahsis from across inlet.

View of Tahsis from across inlet.


View of Nootka Island and Tahsis

View of Nootka Island and Tahsis


Tahsis - you won't find this in the Lonely Planet

Tahsis – you won’t find this in the Lonely Planet




Kekulé's dream

Kekulé had a dream, he had an awesome dream

According to the legend, August Kekulé had a vision while daydreaming by a hearth fire. He saw atoms dance around and form into strings. The strings transformed into snakes that consumed their own tails. From that intuition, he solved the answer to a scientific riddle.

Kekulé’s Dream is one of our proudest creations. This beer took the proverbial ‘village’ to create: We had help from Vulture’s Lane, one of Auckland’s premier Craft Beer Pubs; Adobe Photoshop sponsored our beer and believed in this little beer company; the talented designers that participated in creating our labels and most of all – you – those who drink our beer! Therefore, WE INVITE YOU to the grand launch of Kekulé’s Dream:

Friday the 7th of April, at 7:00 pm at Vultures Lane. 

For those feeling a bit geeky and wanting to get into the science of Kekule’s Dream


Because of your love, we are amongst the top rated breweries in New Zealand

Top Rated Breweries New Zealand Outlier Cartel

Top Rated Breweries in New Zealand

Thank you so much for your support, it truly humbles us that we got our little brewery listed in Untappd’s top rate breweries of New Zealand. There are some truly amazing breweries listed in that group, and we feel like we are lilliputians amongst giants. After a little over a year and different 16 beers, one wine and a cider, our gypsy brewing operation has been recognised by the most important people of all – those that drink our products.

We can’t say that every creation is going to be a 4 or 5 star beer, the nature of our experimentation means that we’ll have a few that miss the mark. What we can say is that we are not going to rest on our laurels (if you can call them laurels at all) and we are going to keep whittling a way at what we love doing. We figure that if we pour our passion into our products, you taste that passion in every sip.

So once again, a heartfelt thanks to all our friends, fans, and brewers who believe in what we are doing.

The Team at Outlier Cartel



heaps of strawberries

Blushing our way across the universe: Introducing Interstellar Blush

interstellar blushHi Friends & Family

We have ALOT of exciting things planned for 2017 – some of it is under wraps at the moment, but we are excited to take part in the Brother’s Session Challenge the 2nd year in the row – this Saturday, February 11 at 12 PM – 10 PM at Brothers Beer 90 Wellesley St, West, CBD, Auckland, New Zealand 1010.

What do we have up our sleeves for the Challenge? We are doing a strawberry milkshake session beer with our friends at Hallertau – we are calling it Interstellar Blush. Its very different from anything that we’ve done before and heaps of strawberrieswe are really excited at how it’s turning out!

During the brewday at Hallertau we had about 100 kg that needed to get prepped by cutting off the green stalks – it was a bit more actually, the local West Auckland grower gave us more than we asked for!

The beer itself had to convey the Riverhead terroir from West Auckland, with a good and fruity strawberry aroma on the nose and a rather full palate, with a bit of lactose added to giveyou the unmistakable impression it is a strawberry milkshake – yet it has to be recognizable as a beer, keeping it’s thirst quenching characteristics with a slight crisp tartness behind the sweetness upfront, just like a ripe strawberry!