New Zealand bottle shortage is actually a good sign for the beer industry

craft beer bottles
craft beer bottle vs standard bottle
Size maybe not be to scale, but we certainly think the taste is…

As we are getting ready to launch our first bottled beer, the Honey Chestnut, we actually got hit by a setback: there are no craft beer bottles available in New Zealand until the end of May. We are currently scrambling to to find a solution so we can launch our new beer.

Craig Cooper, one of our friends who operates Bach Brewing, agrees that this is a rather good sign.

Not all bottles are equal: we are referring to the bottles widely used within the craft beer segment, not the standard bottles. What’s the difference? It’s actually 170ml: Craft beer bottles are usually 500ml, whilst standard industrial bottles are 330ml.  While it’s going to be painful for us in the short term, it is great news in the long term: while 330 ml ‘craft beer’ bottles are still available, the fact that the 500 ml sized craft beer vessel is running out shows there is a greater demand for quality product.

In the meantime we are doing our best to get our Honey Chestnut to you as soon as possible!


honey chestnut beer
Urban Auckland honey and Waikato chestnuts to hug your soul.