Sorry, but we may have ruined Christmas (we are out of Apricity!)

krampus that stole apricity
krampus that stole apricity
The Krampus who stole Apricity

Yesterday we are in Hamilton for the Beer and Wine showcase and last of our Apricity went flying out the door! Before the event closed our last bottles were gone! We think that Krampus, the infamous doppelgänger of Saint Nick, made and early appearance and made off with our remaining bottles!

In reality – we did not expect the beer to be so popular for several reasons: Its a weizen doppelbock (not well known style in NZ), its 8% ABV (that can intimidate people before even trying it) and finally its made with spices – which may sound too wierd for the casual drinker. However, we were told by our vendors that people initially bought one bottle, then came back to clear the shelf next day. We had expected our supply to last until January!

We are still a young brewery – we are still making adjustments for supply and demand.  For this we are truly sorry about. This is a seasonal brew so to hold on to our sustainable ethos by only brewing when the ingredients are in season – so we will not brew this until next winter, but we promise, we’ll brew a bigger batch. In addition, because we are a contract brewers (as well as gypsy brewers) we simply couldn’t find time within the next few months to schedule another Apricity – all the slots have been taken as brewers prepare for their summer line ups.

We are truly humbled that our fans loved this beer as much as we did.  Please bear with us – we are not Lion or DB, so we can’t crank out megalitres of this stuff (neither would we want to as that would affect the quality!) But we promise to do our best with our supply in the future!


header photo by DOMINIC EBENBICHLER / Reuters